One of the first activities of the European Club was the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Velvet revolution that was organized in Switzerland. During this event we organized Gastronomy festival and with this event and presentation and propagation of Slovakia we commemorated this country even before Slovakia accession to the EU. Duration of this festival was one month and it was held directly in the center of Bern, Switzerland. The whole event had outstanding reaction in the media. During this event many members of the Swiss government became a honorary members of the EC including some Slovaks living in Switzerland.

Another activity held in 2001 was the Gastronomy festival in Brussels, Belgium where based on the experience from Switzerland, together with the Brussels’ club of entrepreneurs SACRE we were able present during this month the Slovak gastronomy culture, crafts etc. Likewise this event was big successes in view of the fact that Brussels is the EU headquarter. Even during this event many representatives of the EU countries became members of the EC..

Another supporting activity of the accession of Slovakia to the EU was an event held in Prague, Czech Republic. The event was the NATO Summit in 2002. The event received high accolades from our Czech friends in view of our mutual history. This event has been visited by almost all delegations participating in the Summit. Because of having a very good relationship with the US Embassy, we were visited by the Honorary Counsel for Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the US.

One of the most significant activities of the club together with the Paneuropa union was organizing the Paneuropean Congres in 2004. We had the honor to welcome all leading representatives of the Paneuropean union including the founder Mr. Otto von Habsburg even at that time he was 92 years old. During the three day event we had many meetings. For the city of Banska Bystrica it was a high privilege.

In 2002 we were honored in Vienna, Austria by presenting a honorary membership to very important persons such as Mr. Helmut Kohl and Mr. Verheugen.

After the accession of Slovakia into the EU, we printed commemorative menu with which the EC is reminding this historical event every year. This commemoration is happening in the EC headquarters located at Namestie SNP 11, in Banska Bystrica and in the restaurant Zlaty Bazant at the same location. Important date for the EC is the 17th of November when the communist regime fell in the former Czechoslovakia. Consequences of this regime will be carried on for many generations. It is sad that after 20 years, only the EC is reminding people this historical date through their gastronomy week held in the restaurant called “The fall of communism”.

In regard to business activities, these were done mainly in relationship to its members e.g. Europa Shopping Center and its owner Mr. Valach, project of regional television AZTV, Ski Kraliky resort, sponsoring the children’s handball team of the Slovak police sports club at Golianova street, cooperation with the Slovak – Swiss association for the education of youngsters in the area of tourism and so on. The largest project of the EC was the reopening of air route between Sliac and Prague and thus with the whole world. The European Club founded company Tatra Air where the shareholders were members of the EC with putting their own money into the project together with the cities of Zvolen, Banska Bystrica and the Higher Regional Unit. In cooperation with the CSA airlines this connection was in operation for three years until the time when the political changes were made at the Higher Regional Unit. At that time the new chairman of the Higher Regional Unit Mr. Murgas thought that this project is not necessary for the region and for the people of this region therefore he stepped out of this project thus the cooperation with the CSA airline was no longer viable. The connection between Zilina and Prague that was also put together by the EC is still working until today with the support of the region (flight brochure Sliač - Praha - Sliač)